Side grind on your social media

Right after having my son Jackson in 2017 I had started my own Lifestyle business & a blog for shits and giggles. I was providing for my family in every way possible. I heard of girls making money by utilizing their social media platforms  and I was intrigued. My first take off was pinterest. My second take off was my free blogging website where I got paid $150 for my first ever sponsored post. My third take off was with a MLM. I learned all about social sharing. I have never considered myself good at “sales” but I have always been good with people & super compassionate. Working at a tanning salon chain at a young age I found myself ranking #48/2000  employees for my person per tan average because of my product sales total dollar amount (PPTA). I would have regulars names up before they even walked in the door. I’d greet them by name, ask them how their color was coming along. I would lead the conversation to find a solution to their problem. I let a lady use my tingle lotion on her hands because she couldn’t get them to tan so I told her my secret. I wasn’t gonna sell her a packet of it for only her hands so I shared my love for it and why. That customer ended up buying the $60 bottle of tingle lotion for just her hands from me the next day she seen me working ✊🏼 And it solved her problem too 😌 It’s not about sales. It’s about finding what YOU love and finding how to use social media to share what you love to do and make a living doing so. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get started because that’s exactly what I am here to help you do. With one payment of $100 you will have LIFETIME access to LMBB academy where I teach you how to master pitching, marketing, and branding. Along with access to files and templates to make it easy on you to start getting your own paid collaborations. Act fast because pricing is going to increase in 2021! Venmo @livingmybestblonde or click the box belowto get started immediately!

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