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 Would you believe me if I told you that Pinterest is the #1 way I drive traffic to everything I spend my time creating? It beats traffic from Instagram and Facebook combined… ⁣💯

Lately there’s a ton of buzz about Pinterest. So many business owners are realizing its power to drive traffic to their content. There are approximately 335 million people who use Pinterest every month according to google. That is mind blowing to think about. Pinterest has been around since 2010 and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon.

So let’s dive on in....

Pinterest, in my opinion is one of the largest visual search engines. You search one word and a ton of images come up relating to that one word. Now imagine if someone searched ‘marketing’ If your niche was marketing wouldn’t you want people seeing your content over marketing? If you answered yes and you’re still not posting your content to Pinterest then you are missing out sister!!!

You might be asking yourself, HOW do I start posting my content to Pinterest?! Let me tell you, It is so simple. Do not over complicate it. You just have to start. You can start with a fresh account or you could even clean up your current account. You will also want to switch your account to business to start getting analytics. This is free!!! You will want to organize and name your boards and make sure they relate back to your niche. Basically the idea behind posting content to Pinterest is to use Pinterest as a car to drive people to your content. For example, a lot of content creators will post one catchy sentence with a pretty backdrop, something that will catch your attention and make you want to read more. So then you click on the pin and it leads you to a website. You can hashtag on Pinterest too so that’s a plus. You can even put a link on your pin. You can use many easy to use apps to create these templates. Some of my favorites to use are Unfold, Phonto, & PicsArt. Super easy to use. Plus they are very inexpensive and extremely beneficial.

So now you’re ready to post your first pin to Pinterest!!! Press the + and see where this takes you sista!! You got this!!! You’re content deserves to be seen by as many eyes possible.  I can’t wait to see what doors this will open up for you as you venture into the Pinterest world.

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