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I have been running a business from WiFi since 2019 as a micro influencer. We have partnerships with Target, Amazon, Acta Fitness, IWG, Daisy Bliss Beautique, & more! Everyone can influence! We do it all the time without even trying! That show on Netflix that you love that you tell everyone about, how many of them were tempted to watch it?! If you need a extra income, a side hustle, or want to start small and build your business like I did then you are in the right place sis!! What could a extra $500-$2000 a month do for you?!!!!?


Thank you so much for being here!! I am Brianna Verschoore, the girl behind Living my best blonde. This blog is a space for me to share my love for fashion, family,travel, beauty, nursing, entrepreneurship,business, health, photography, videography, blogging, & of course... food!!! My goal is to provide a positive space for you to come when your feeling life’s ups & downs. My hope is that my site is a place we all can come to find love, support, encouragement, & confidence together 🖤


Living my best blonde

5 things I have learned while working in the social media world. 

1. Social media has quickly become the #1 way to advertise. 

2. A micro-influencer is someone with 50-1000 followers. A influencer has anywhere from 1-5k or more followers amongst their social platforms   . 

3. You can make money as a micro-influencer. 

4. Pinterest is a good source to use for traffic. 

5. Most people network market something they love without even knowing they did such a thing. 

Thank you for stopping by 💛 Brianna 

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